Real psychic reading from real psychic and spiritual healer, coach and teacher Lisa Long. Psychic reading advice on love relationships and spiritual awakening including getting into the vortex as taught by Abraham Hicks.
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Lisa has 20 years experience helping people heal and understand their life and relationships.

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"Dear Lisa, thank you for the readings, you were right about..."


Relationships, career, past life, angels, dreams...
and psychic coaching and high level energetic help to get
you into your own higher self healing energy.

I am only accepting new coaching clients at this time.
See my site Divine-Transformational-Coaching for more information.

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I am usually in my office 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Monday-Friday

Private Session

30 minutes - $150; 60 minutes - $300; 90 minutes - $450;.
All additional minutes $5 a minute.
(Adults only please, must be 18 years or older).



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I do clairvoyant, psychic, online telephone psychic readings, and healings for people in
Hawaii, California, Colorado, New York, Oregon, anywhere... daily.


"Thank you Lisa, you are the best psychic. The real deal." Bonnie M. Maui Hi.


Amazing Testimonial...

The first time I talked to Lisa, she changed my life.

Wanting to know a future with a current boyfriend, she helped me understand he would never commit. Instead she said there was another man who would come into my life, if I was open to it.

I was, he did, and now I’m marrying him thanks to Lisa.

Lisa can teach us so many things if we are willing listen. She hears our spirit guides and passes their messages on. She teaches awareness and helps show us how to trust our inner selves.

I spoke with her recently, and again, not only was she quick with answers, but reaffirmed what my instincts had said about many different things coming up in my near future.

You can learn from her and she provides links to websites that help your inner healing and growth as a follow up to her sessions.

I highly recommend Lisa. She is a gift, very much worth the time of unwrapping the present if only you are open to it.

Best of everything to you Lisa!  Looking forward to talking to you again after we do some “homework”.



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Psychic Coaching Program at the link below.


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