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This is a series of short information articles that I wrote over the past couple years on various subjects. I hope you enjoy them.

Just Pondering Series

Lisa Long
by Lisa Long


Possible Influence of

Solar Flares

On April 10, 1997, I read in my local newspaper an article by Paul Recer, about Solar Flares. The article stated that the sun has an 11 year cycle, part of which is called the Solar Max, where the flares increase in frequency and intensity. It also stated that these solar flares are constantly erupting from the Sun's surface sending out billions of tons of huge blobs of hydrogen and helium, some of which are headed toward earth. When they reach earth they slam into the earth's magnetic field and set it vibrating. This can fry satellites, interrupt radio and telephone communications and cause power surges and blackouts. It also charges up auroras, such as the Northern Lights.

I am sure that whatever affects that much of our planetary systems has a profound affect on our own personal systems, such as our auras and energetic fields. This goes on all the time in varying degrees and the next Solar Max cycle would begin in four years or so. That would put the cycle at about the year 2001, and the last cycle at the year 1990.

I find this very interesting in that several of the major energy infusions predicted and felt by many in the new age way of thinking was in the years of 1989-1992 and of course major changes are predicted around the year 2000.

I can feel the energies when they change, I am affected by very subtle thought energies, and a full moon makes me much more sensitive. During a full moon, I am naturally higher up in my thinking, it's easier for me to do psychic readings, and I also am more apt to cry. I believe other sensitives have similar experiences.

I wonder how much we are affected by Solar flares. Has anyone correlated the past energy infusions with the Sun's flares? Does the crime rate increase when the effects of a flare arrive? Do more people get pregnant? Do more people have Angel visitations? These might affect us even more than the planetary influences.

Is the Sun a big vortex of energy that allows more of God here? Does it emit energetic blasts that allow for the entrance of higher level beings? Or are they contained in the blast. Do they create the blast? Is that why many ancient religions worshipped the Sun? Did they know something about the universe we don't?

I feel black holes are portals between parallel universes. Maybe those other universes are even denser than this one, maybe the other side of a black hole is a sun... the energy has to come out somewhere. Just pondering... There is so much we do not know about the invisible side of the universe, let's not make the mistake of taking it at face value any more.

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